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SteelEdge® PreWorkout: Energy


SteelEdge® PreWorkout: Energy

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Ingredients explained –

4 GRAMS CITRULLINE MALATE – This mixture of the amino acid citrulline and malic acid can help increase your performance in high-intensity exercise, as well as longer endurance-training protocols. Other key benefits include increased nitric oxide (NO) and blood-flow enhancement. The most recent research shows it can even decrease muscle soreness by 40 percent at 24 hours and 48 hours following exercise.

6 GRAMS WAXY MAIZE CARBOHYDRATE – This quick-digesting carbohydrate provides fuel for glycogen replenishment, muscle fullness and recovery between workout sessions. It’s used to stimulate nitric oxide release and fight fatigue during long resistance-training workout sessions (1.5 hours and longer), as well as fuel and improve performance for short 30- to 45-minute high-intensity interval training sessions.

125MG ASHWAGANDHA ROOT AND LEAF EXTRACT (SENSORIL) – This ingredient supports neurological and immune-system recovery post-exercise, largely through helping control and reduce cortisol levels—important areas that are often overlooked in exercise performance and recovery. In addition, research shows that it fortifies the body against stress and anxiety.

300MG CAFFEINE – This pre-workout energy stimulant helps blunt exercise-related pain. To maximize the effects of SteelEdge, avoid consuming caffeine at other times throughout the day, as well as on non-training days. This approach will help you stay sensitive to the energy stimulation from SteelEdge, giving you the largest boost when you need it most.

50MG SUSTAINED-RELEASE CAFFEINE – Unlike regular caffeine, which gives a quick energy burst followed by a crash, the sustained-release caffeine in SteelEdge provides a more even, long-lasting energy.

1.5 GRAMS OF TRIMETHYLGLYCINE (TMG) – TMG is shown to protect cells from dehydration by increasing water retention. It’s an ingredient that impacts many aspects of training—from strength and power to endurance and hydration.

1.6 GRAMS BETA-ALANINE (CARNOSYN®) – One of the ingredients that Athletic Edge helped bring to the forefront back in 2005, beta-alanine is the second most research-backed ingredient in sports nutrition, following creatine. It’s repeatedly been shown to delay muscular fatigue by boosting carnosine, a natural buffer inside our muscles. Carnosine absorbs the hydrogen ions (H+) that are produced during high-intensity exercise. Increased levels of H+ cause a drop in our muscle pH (becoming more acidic), which directly interferes with our muscles’ ability to contract. By boosting muscle carnosine concentrations with beta-alanine, SteelEdge fights against that pH-related performance drop, increasing muscular endurance.

3 GRAMS CREATINE MONOHYDRATE – The most effective and research-backed ingredient in sports nutrition, creatine increases strength, power and lean body mass.

750MG ACETYL-L-CARNITINE + 750MG CHOLINE BITARTRATE – Research shows that diminished levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine could be a contributing factor in muscle fatigue and poor workout performance. SteelEdge supplies the two major building blocks needed to ensure optimal levels of acetylcholine in our bodies: acetyl-L-carnitine, which provides the acetyl building block, and choline bitartrate, which provides the choline building block.