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LIV Hybrid Weight-Loss® (60 Count)


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LIV Hybrid Weight-Loss® (60 Count)


LIV Hybrid Weight-Loss® (60 Count)

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Ingredients explained – Substance Over Hype

400mg MerAtrim® – The core of LIV Hybrid Weight-Loss® is the research-backed ingredient Meratrim, which is composed of two natural plant extracts, Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have shown that subjects taking 400mg of Meratrim twice a day (for a total of 800mg) experienced significant weight loss in as little as two weeks. Furthermore, at eight weeks, subjects on Meratrim reduced their waist and hip circumferences. This research also suggests that these benefits are due to Meratrim’s ability to partially block fat cells from both the uptake and the formation of fat.

254MG GREEN TEA EXTRACT (70% EGCG, DECAFFEINATED) – Green tea extract is shown to increase caloric expenditure, helping you reach your weight-loss goals. Most green tea extracts contain 40 to 45% EGCG content, the component largely responsible for green tea’s weight-loss attributes. Utilizing a more potent 70% EGCG, LIV generates greater benefits from a smaller dose of green tea.

175MG BLEND OF FAST-ACTING AND TIME-RELEASED CAFFEINE – LIV combines a mix of fast-acting caffeine (125mg) and time-released caffeine (50mg) for sustained, all-day energy.

50MG NEURAVENA – A developed, specialized wild green oat extract, Neuravena concentrates specific constituents of the plant and has been shown in research to boost the neurotransmitter dopamine, having a positive impact on stress resistance. The overall benefit? Greater alertness, energy and focus, while also stabilizing stress levels.

50MG THEANINE – Theanine stimulates alpha wave activity in the brain and, when combined with caffeine, can improve alertness during demanding tasks. Research also shows that it accelerates mental regeneration after exercise and reduces the negative side effects of caffeine, making it the perfect supplement to combat diet- and exercise-induced neurological burnout.

1MG YOHIMBINE HCL – This ingredient supports an increase in the mobilization of fat, assisting in weight loss.