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A Guide To Testosterone: Get The Edge Through Diet And Supplementation

Sebastian balcombe

Testosterone impacts more than your muscles and sex drive; it can affect your physiology, career, and relationships. Give yourself an "Edge" with this complete guide to testosterone.

Believe it or not, testosterone plays a large role in driving and motivating you toward reaching your goals in life. If you want to make your dreams a reality, you need to learn more about the forms of testosterone, the optimal levels specific to your age, and the natural ways to influence your levels. This knowledge will give you the edge you need to maximize your quality of life.

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Supplement Company Of The Month: Athletic Edge

Sebastian balcombe

Every popular pre-workout these days contains beta-alanine and amino acids, but 10 years ago, that definitely wasn't the case. A company called Athletic Edge—previously known as AEN—had a lot to do with popularizing both of these supplement categories, via two trailblazing supplement blends: the beta-alanine powder IntraXCell, and the amino/electrolyte blend Intrabolic. The rest of the sports-supplement industry took notice—and quickly followed suit.

If that part of the story is new to you, Sebastian Balcombe would like to change that. The founder and CEO of Athletic Edge is on a mission to make research-backed supplements the norm, not the exception!

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