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Link to read me page with more information. Researches 214 Testosterone Boosters

ARTICLES BLOG Researches 214 Testosterone Boosters

karen yanez


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Photo credit: recently investigated the world of Testosterone Boosters to create a guide for people to better understand what they are putting in their bodies. They wanted to ensure their guide was exceptionally thorough, which is why they spent six weeks analyzing labels, consulting with doctors, fitness and nutrition experts, as well as biochemistry and endocrinology professors. Their guide includes their top three picks, in which Athletic Edge is included, including best overall as well as best for libido. Their guide recommends natural ways to increase testosterone levels, in addition to providing a wealth of information on the industry in general.

They reviewed 214 testosterone boosters for their guide, in which they cut all proprietary blends, and formulas possibly containing banned substances in sport or harmful ingredients, while making sure all formulas that did made their list contained at least Fenugreek or D-aspartic acid as an ingredient (which we don't use).

APE (Original Formula) didn't make their cut, considering is the only athletic edge product left in a proprietary blend since our packaging rebrand in 2015.  However, they did include our open label APE Libido and APE Darknight in their top 35 list. 

You can read the full article called The Best Testosterone Booster below.  

*athletic edge does not have an advertising relationship with, their article is based on their own objective analysis.