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Athletic Edge’s Renewed Promise – No Hype, Just Results


Athletic Edge’s Renewed Promise – No Hype, Just Results

karen yanez


Supplement users are constantly bombarded with new companies every week. Anyone with a few bucks to spare can start up a company, source out their formulas, hire a graphics firm to design labels, and get a contract manufacturer to bottle it.

Lost in this endless wave of upstarts are the seasoned veterans who led the charge and planted the roots of the industry we’ve come to know and love. It’s time to crank up the flux-capacitor and travel back to the early days of the industry.

Today, we point the spotlight on Athletic Edge, a long-established brand that’s well-known to the seasoned lifting crowd, but maybe not so familiar to the next generation of lifters. They’ve gone through a complete facelift within the last year, and it’s time to enlighten the newcomers out there on one of the original heavy-hitters in the industry.

Who is Athletic Edge?

Athletic Edge started over 12 years ago by owner, founder, and CEO Sebastian Balcombe for the simple reason of “being driven to make the best/most effective  products in the world, raising the standard in sports nutrition formulations and third party quality control.”

Athletic Edge was born out of the desire to be the pinnacle of high-quality product development; a company whose supplements not only lived up to the hype, but were also backed by the latest findings in research. AE is built on a trifecta of science, passion, and integrity, with a zero-tolerance attitude for anything less than the absolute best.

In short, AE is nothing other than Substance Over Hype®, pure and simple

Backed by Research

If you spend as much time delving into supplements as we do, you’ll quickly realize that the word “research” is thrown around rather recklessly, and dare we say irresponsibly. Just take a look at most of the products you see on the store shelf, and then try to see how many of them claim they are using “research-backed” ingredients… but in what doses? Suffice it to say, virtually all of them will have that on their label or advertisements in some form or other.

However, checking further into those products, you’ll see that very little, if any, of the claims are actually backed by research, and even worse, their doses fall criminally short of those proven in research.

That’s not the case with Athletic Edge.

Sebastian and Co. don’t take the words “research” lightly. It’s not just a word to them, it has meaning.

Case in point, is the well-known beta-alanine IntraXCell, which just so happens to be the product that was largely responsible for creating the entire beta-alanine supplement category. Side note, AE also released Intrabolic, a product that helped launch the intra-workout category!


In Sebastian’s own words:

“…because we were so early to market with IntraXCell, universities who wanted to research beta-alanine, reached out to us and said if you can provide product and a matching placebo, we can use your product IntraXCell in our research.

All we had to do is state, regardless of the study results, good or bad, the researchers could publish them. We didn’t even have to pay, which further enhanced the legitimacy of the research. Imagine how exciting for us, as then a small company, having FOUR research studies completed on just ONE of our products, some of them making it through Scientific Peer review and getting published in science Journals.

And this research can be FOUND easily on our website, by going to the AE RESEARCH tab. The published full manuscripts of the studies, not some incomplete unpublished abstract.”

Why so heavy on research?

You’re probably wondering, at least a little bit, what’s the obsession with research when it would be so much easier to just throw some fancy claims on the label, pixie-dust ingredients, and make a quick buck?

Well, we asked Sebastian that same question, and he broke it down for us into three basic points:

  1. It shows a commitment to YOU, the customer, that the products perform as advertised. AE invests their money into research first and foremost instead of internet ads and magazines.
  2. Athletic Edge puts their products to the test by submitting them for clinical trials. There’s no hype here, only results!

    Submitting your products to clinical testing is a HUGE risk, if the results showed negative, the study would get published regardless of the outcome and ultimately show the products are ineffective.  However, AE is willing to take that risk in order to prove to you, the customer, their products will exceed your expectations.
  3. Sebastian loves the innovative/discovery nature of research. To personally be able to formulate the products, have them put to the test , and repeatedly be proven effective enables the entire AE team to be confident they are doing right by their being able to mix my passion for formulating the best products in the world, and having them put through research and repeatedly shown effective, and customers confidently knowing they are getting the best products out there from a company eager to prove it, is the most satisfying thing imaginable.