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Aaron Van Scoten

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Aaron Van Scoten started his fitness journey in 2012 where he fell in love with the world of powerlifting. Powerlifting is unlike any sport he had competed in or watched. There is an indescribable spirit of friendship amongst those competing; like soldiers at war who keep each other focused and pushing forward despite the difficulty of the tasks at hand. Powerlifting is not just for fit, able bodied, young men and women; powerlifting is for everyone. No matter the outcome at the end of the day, white lights or red, there is always the unity of brothers and sisters in iron.


Still relatively new to the sport, Aaron has been strength training for 5 years and competing on the platform for 2. He attributes his strength success to being open minded, creating a diverse group of knowledgeable friends in and outside the gym, and a fierce dedication to training and goals. At the end of the day, however, he says, “If I cannot have fun with myself, my friends, or my training, then I have lost a critical part of who I am


During the day he works as a Private Security Manager and in the evenings you can find him putting in work, joking around, and spending time with a family-like supports system at the strongest gym in Salt Lake City, Utah; Ironground Gym.

A few competition accomplishments include the following:

·       2016 APA-WPA World Powerlifting Championships in Portland, Oregon (3rd place, 242 Raw)

·       2016 USPA Rocky Mountain Regional & World Qualifier (1st place, 242 Raw)

·       579 lb. Squat

·       380 lb. Bench

·       634 lb. Deadlift